~Fashion is an instant language. Let's create an amazing story~

En Coulisse Fashion Agency offers contemporary, sophisticated and feminine fashion brands.

Seeking for boundaries where new trends are comming to life.

We translate the DNA of our fashion brands into a storyline
that perfectly blends 
with the personal identity of our retailers.

This results into exciting and distinctive collection presentations, each season of the year. 

We invite you backstage to dicover your storyline. 

Jomy Mijnhart - En Coulisse




Your confidence is your truest nature.

The 2NDDAY collections contains outerwear, leather, denims and seasonal trend pieces that powers your ambitions, connections and confidence. 

Re-think, Re-consider, Re-use and THINKTWICE.

A sustainable initiative and a long-term vision towards making a positive difference. 2NDDAY strongly believes in the importance of taking care of ourselves and the enviroment. Alone, we cannot change the world, but together we can make a difference. 

THINKTWICE pieces are created with the sustainable consumer in mind, brining ultra sophisticated designs to life with the use of sustainable fabrics. 



JUST is a Copenhagen-based contemporary,

ready-to-wear brand. Founded in 2007 and highly influenced by its Scandinavian heritage. JUST is a fashion-forward brand daring to go beyond the classic female silhouettes.

Copenhagen holds a special place in the brand's design: the culture, the
Nordic design tradition and the street style that is the heart of Copenhagen are all combined with clean, aesthetic lines and are visible throughout each collection in the sophisticated mix of both raw and feminine features.

At JUST you will find high-quality
ready-to-wear fashion with styles that can be mixed and matched in many different combination and providing different looks.


Vintage spirit

Maison Hotel fuses effortless simplicity with a laid-back, vintage spirit.

The brand epitomizes a code of living founded on authenticity.

It is inspired by an urge to travel.

Carefully selected soft-flowing fabrics, selected prints and touches of traditional yet reinvented embroidery techniques all contribute to the brand signature.

Maison Hotel puts forward a casual yet elegant wardrobe with comfortable and timeless pieces that can be worn during the day and the night. 




In the old Sanskrit language

BANDHU means friend, friendship and protector.

BANDHU is part of Slow fashion,

which creates a high sustainability simply

because you enjoy your jewelry
longer through 
the special
meaning it contains.

The philosophy behind the brand is

to honor memories.

With a special memory in mind,

BANDHU is a great gift to either yourself or a special person to share or create a memorable moment.

Fashion Forward

Sublime fit


Pavement has made its mark as a strong Danish brand, carved in quality and perfect design. 

An indisputable craving for solid workmanship and unique details characterise each single collection.

Inspired by urban layers, Pavement is a stylish Fashion Forward brand that is represented in more than 400 stores across Europe.

The shoes are manufactured in Portugal and Spain. All styles are handmade with a distinct respect for the material and a sublime fit in mind. 



 Through simple, affordable and playful candy shop design, Lulu wants to inspire and empower women to stand out and live their lives with as much fun as possible.

With the statement - Less is enough,

we remind ourselves and our customers to only buy our products when they really fall in love with them.

Lulu was founded in Copenhagen and is available in both department stores, fashion retailers and high-end boutique shops in Europe.